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Cablu Video HD-SDI Klotz VD083LP

Cod pachet : VD083LP
Descriere produs

     Pro users are always asking us whether we can supply a video cable that’s optimized for short to medium distances. It should have a low external diameter as well as being highly flexible, suitable for drum storage, and rugged enough to cope with frequent patching. All these enquiries inspired Klotz to design the VD083LP – the ideal cable for mobile transmission of digital video signals over distances up to 70 m. The outer PUR jacket is extra-rugged and abrasion- and notch-resistant, providing outstanding protection for what goes on inside. The ultra-finely stranded conductor is enclosed in physically foamed dielectric medium covered with a dual-layer braided copper shield that provides over 98% protection from interference. In line with SMPTE standards, the VD083LP transmits a 1.5-GB signal over distances of up to 70 m, and a 3-GB signal up to 50 m – or even more in practice, depending on the transmitter and signal frequency! The VD083LP is made up with Neutrik’s UHD 4K BNC connectors.

Inner Conductor stranded bare copper, 19 x 0.16 mm
Insulation gas injected foam PE, Ø 3.7 mm
Shielding 2x tinned copper braid, >95% coverage
Outer jacket PUR
Overall Diameter 6.1 mm
Min. Bending Radius 40 mm instalation, 60 mm operation
Working temperature -40°C / +80°C
Characteristic Impedance 75 Ω
Capacitance 54 pF/m
Velocity of Propagation 81 %
DC Resistance  
Inner Conductor 44 Ω/km
Outer Conductor 7.6 Ω/km
Screening Attenuation > 90 dB
Attenuation [dB/100m]  
1 MHz 0.9
5 MHz 2.0
10 MHz 2.8
71.5 MHz 8.4
88.5 MHz 9.4
100 MHz 10.0
135 MHz 11.7
180 MHz 13.3
270 MHz 16.5
360 MHz 19.3
540 MHz 23.7
750 MHz 28.3
1000 MHz 33.2
1500 MHz 40.9
3000 MHz 62.8
Return Loss  
50 - 300 MHz > 25 dB
300 - 3000 MHz > 20 dB

Made in Germany


Tipul de cablu Cablu Video
Diametru Exterior 6.10 mm
Izolatie Externa PUR
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