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Moving Head LED Spot Sound Stil SND 180S

Code : snd180s
Product description



  • Light source: Advanced 180w White led
  • Led life: 60.000 hours
  • Luminous Flux: 11000lumen, 25300lux@2.5m
  • Control: Remote on/off via DMX
  • Ballast: switching mode power supply

Optical System:

  • Beam angle:12°


  • Pan: 630(3.2 sec) or 540°(2.9 sec), Tilt: 233° (1.9 sec)
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Auto repositioning


  • 8+open,indexable and bidirectional rainbow effect
  • New Color bounce effect


  • Outside ¢27mm, inside ¢22mm
  • 7+open custom interchangeable position for rotating gobo wheel
  • 7+ open fixed gobos
  • Real indexable and gobo shaking
  • Distinctive gobo animation effect


  • DMX channels: 23/24/14/16
  • Fixed gobo wheel: 7+1 gobos
  • Color wheel: 8+1 colors
  • Rotating gobo wheel: 7+1 gobos
  • Full range 0-100% dimmer
  • Motorized and auto focus
  • Fast speed iris
  • Rotating Effect wheel with 3 facets,8 facets prism and frost
  • Various strobe
  • RDM function to change DMX address, display flip, 

X/Y Reverse and so on           

  • Software upgrade via DMX
  • Hibernation when lost DMX for preset time
  • Indicate temperature info of base, arm and lamp
  • Fan speed auto change according to temperature



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