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Passive DI Box Klotz DX10

Code : dx10
Product description

Mixing desks love balanced signals –but not all signal sources deliver them. Guitar or bass amps and keyboards rarely have balanced outputs, and guitars cannot be connected directly to a mixer. This is where the KLOTZ DX10 comes in!
A DI box converts a high-ohm unbalanced signal into a low-ohm balanced signal. To do this, the signal from the instrument is fed into the DI box between the instrument and the amp. “DI” stands for “direct injection” because the DI box is directly “injected” or fed with the instrument signal.
The KLOTZ DX10 then balances the signal so that it can be transmitted over long distances without hiss or background noise before it is fed into a mixer for further processing. The KLOTZ DX10 is a passive DI box; unlike active DI boxes, it does not require an external power supply. Just connect it up, and away you go!
We ensure all our components are manufactured to high quality in conformity with our rigorous company standards. The transformer is by far the most important component in a DI box, and the one that has the most influence on the sound. It has a 6+6:1 transformer ratio. The transformer we use in the KLOTZ DX10 was developed by us in-house with special care, to reflect its crucial role in the performance and sound behaviour of the DI box. Only the best materials were good enough. We chose mu-metal, a soft magnetic nickel-iron alloy with outstanding permeability (magnetic conductivity). The KLOTZ DX10 offers neutrality and stability of sound that is superior to other DI boxes on the market. Say goodbye to distortion!
We applied the same high quality standards when choosing the other components. The ultra-rugged housing easily copes with the stresses and strains of live performance. We’re so convinced by our quality that every KLOTZ DX10 carries a 5-year warranty!
Technical data:
  • housing: heavy duty, all metal shell (stainless steel)
  • dimensions: l= 103 mm; w= 75 mm; h= 49 mm
  • unbal. input and output: 6.3 mm jack socket
  • balanced output: XLR 3p. male
  • max. input level at attn. OFF: +10 dBu (2.5 V) / 20 kΩ
  • max. input level at attn. 20: +30 dBu (25 V) / 40 kΩ
  • max. output level: -10 dBu (250 mV) / 200 Ω
  • frequency response: 10 Hz - 30 kHz (+/- 0.3 dB)
  • harmonic distortion: <0.1 %

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